Orlan 10 components list

In this post on Facebook Ukrainian volunteer Maria Berlinska asked a help for a way to counter an UAV Orlan. If anyone knows an effective way to counteract drones, please drop a message on Facebook. She posted a list of electronic components. As it turned out, most of the parts are American-made.

Thermal imaging camera:
Ulis 640*480 25 hz France

On-board beacon of cellular communication:
3G Modem “Mediatek” MT6261MA Taiwan
GPS “U-blox” M8030-KT (CAM-M8) Switzerland
“STMicroelectronics” STM32F103T8U6 Switzerland

Receiving and transmitting modules:
“Atmel” (Microchip) ATXMEGA256A3 USA
COM “Texas Instruments” Gumstix WL18MODGB USA
Power “Linear Technology” LTM4628Y USA
RF transceiver “Analog Devices” AD9361BBCZ USA
FPGA “Xilinx” Virtex-6 (XC6VLX130T) USA

Main board:
Power “Texas Instruments” PTH08080 USA
Power “Texas Instruments” PTN78060 USA
“JST Sales America” Connector J-1100 Series USA
Current sensor “Allegro” ACS713T USA

Telemetry module:
“Atmel” (Microchip) ATXMEGA256A3 USA
“Semtech” SX12BC USA
Amplifier “RFMD” RF3194 USA

Power “Linear Technology” LTM8020 USA
Pressure sens “NXP” MPXV5004DP USA
Pressure sens “NXP” MPXA4115A USA
STMicroelectronics” STM32F103VCT6 Switzerland
Accel, Gyro “InvenSense” MPU6000 USA
Compass “Honeywell” HMC5883L USA

Video capture:
“AXIS” M7011 USA

Video capture and processing boards with mechanical stabilization system:
FPGA “Altera” Cyclone 5 maybe 5CEFA7F2317N USA
Video decoder “Texas Instruments” TVP5150AM1 USA
Video encoder “Analog Devices” ADV7391BCPZ USA
Power “Linear Technology” LTM4619V USA
Power “Traco Power” TEN 40-2415WIN USA
“STMicroelectronics” STM32F103RBT6 Switzerland
RS232 to TTL Conv “Analog Devices” ADM3202 USA
“JST Sales America” Connector J-1100 Series USA
Encoder disk “US Digital” 2500 CPR EM1-2-2500-I #6448 RevE USA

“U-blox” M8030-KT (NEO-M8N) Switzerland
With LNA amplifier & SAW Filter USA

GPS/GNSS Anti jamming:
GPS “Navis” NV08C-CSM Switzerland
FPGA “Altera” Cyclone 5 5CEFA7F2317N USA

Memory “Altera” EPCQ64A USA
DAC “Analog Devices” AD9755ASTZ USA
ADC “Linear Technology” LTC2174 USA
Clock Generator “Analog Devices” AD9517-4 USA
Power “Linear Technology” LTM4613V USA
Power “Linear Technology” LTM4615V USA