Analysis the true capabilities of Russian electronic warfare

In this article, Dr. Thomas Withington analyzes the true capabilities of Russian electronic warfare.

Summary of an article

  • EW is integral to Russian Army efforts to break enemy command and control (C2), and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.

  • RB-341V Leer-3 is able to jam cellular networks and UAVs. Also it can sends false and demoralizing text messages. This system could be a mechanism by which was loaded into Ukrainian Army’s Android-based artillery fire control systems.

  • Russian is able to jamming Ukrainian radars and radio communications. In the same time they used clear (unencrypted) radio and old-style methods of communication like runners, dispatchers, communication on HF.

  • They have lack of Army EMCON, for example satellites. That’s why they suffered EW ‘friendly fire’ when trying to jam Ukrainian Army communications.

  • They are unable to jamm modern system of communication: encrypted military-grade ‘M-Code’ GPS signals and USA SINCGARS radios.

  • They attacked to private sector SATCOM firm Viasat and SpaceX’s Starlink. Cyberattacks were ameliorated relatively quickly via software fixes.

Its very unclear the true capabilities of Russian warfare. From the one side, Russian electronic warfare troops does not fully meet the real needs with systemic and technological shortcomings.
From the other side U.S. defense official said that “we don’t believe that the Russians have employed the full scope of their electronic warfare capabilities and it’s not exactly clear why”.


Russia’s electronic warfare capabilities have had mixed results against Ukraine